01   Podlaska Regional Development Foundation
02   The Podlaski Loan Guarantee Fund Ltd.
03   The Podlaski Equity Investment Fund Ltd.
04   Regional Training Company Ltd.
05   Podlaska Agency for Energy
06   Regional Financing Institution
07   Business Support Centres
08   Loans




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'mikro START’' Loan Fund

The fund is addressed to small entrepreneurs and people starting up business in the region of Podlaskie, with the exclusion of the county (powiat) of the town of Białystok.

Canadian Loan Programme

The Canadian Loan Programme is addressed to companies who, for reasons such as lack of bank guarantees or limited risk which banks would be willing to undertake, cannot seek loan opportunities from commercial banks.


Fundusz Pożyczkowy mikro Start | ul. Brzostowskiego 10A | 16-300 Augustów | Poland
tel: +48 87 643 58 60 | fax: +48 87 643 29 05
e-mail: mikrostart@pfrr.bialystok.pl