01   Podlaska Regional Development Foundation
02   The Podlaski Loan Guarantee Fund Ltd.
03   The Podlaski Equity Investment Fund Ltd.
04   Regional Training Company Ltd.
05   Podlaska Agency for Energy
06   Regional Financing Institution
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Network of Business Support Centres

Do you need professional advice in starting up or managing your business?
Business Support Centres will help you

The BSC offer:

Advisory services

  • basic advice for those who start up a business;
  • legal and administrative aspects of running a business (how to incorporate a new company, what form of taxation to choose);
  • basic information about the available forms of external financing;
  • information about available assistance programmes, as well as possibilities and ways of making use of SME support instruments;
  • assistance in seeking business partners;
  • materials about the European Union;
  • organisation of seminars, training sessions, conferences;

BSC Consultation Points (CP)

The aim of the project is to help Polish small and medium size enterprises and persons starting up business activities find access to free general advice and information related to running a business.


Podlaska Fundacja Rozwoju Regionalnego | ul. Starobojarska 15 | 15-073 Bialystok | Poland
tel: +48 85 740 86 83 | fax: +48 85 740 86 85
e-mail: pfrr@pfrr.bialystok.pl | WWW: www.pfrr.bialystok.pl