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Regional Financing Institution (RFI)

Podlaska Regional Development Foundation plays the role of the Regional Financing Institution in the Podlaskie voivodship and as such services PHARE and structural fund assistance programmes addressed to the sector of small and medium size enterprises (SME) in co-operation with the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PAED). Presently, the local RFI is involved in the implementation of assistance programmes as part of Phare 2002 and Sectoral Operation Programme for Improvement of Competitiveness of Enterprises (SPO WKP), as well as the Sectoral Operation Programme of HR Development (SPO RZL).

Two subprojects are carried out under Phare 2002. The first one is the Investment Subsidies Fund, where entrepreneurs can apply for grants for investment purposes with the objective to develop their companies and improve their competitive advantage. The second is entitled IT for Enterprises. It is an advisory programme where entrepreneurs can seek co-financing of activities aimed at the implementation of new technologies, carrying out the development strategy of the company, or seeking certificates of management and compliance of products and services.

As part of SPO WKP there are two projects carried out under Measure 2.1 — development of enterprises based on advisory services, and Measure 2.3 — development of enterprises based on investment. The basis of support provided by the measures as part of SPO WKP is innovativeness of the investment projects planned, as well as improvement of competitiveness of companies by granting them access to specialised advisory services.

The programmes mentioned are addressed to the SME sector, while the SPO RZL programme is offered to schools and academic entities, institutions and companies who provide training services. The co-financing is possible in case of training projects which are to help develop business by means of such measures as professional training for employees, training for the management, or practical internships in R&D institutions.



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