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Summary of the past ten years of activities of Podlaska Regional Development Fund 2005/02/17

Podlaskie voivodship is among the least developed regions of Poland. It has many assets stemming from its attractive nature and clean environment, however it does not have competitive and dynamic economic foundations.

Podlaska Regional Development Fund has taken on the role of promoting and supporting social and economic development of the region, mainly by focusing on small and medium size enterprises. In the years 1995- 2004, the Foundation grew its potential and resources so that now, in our initial phase of EU membership, it can effectively help entrepreneurs and other social groups in the region to acquire assistance and increase growth potential. The Foundation is presently offering a number of programmes which are either absolutely new to the region or were previously carried out on a very small scale. Among these are:

  • Subsidy programmes (PRDF plays the role of the sole Regional Financing Institution in the region for Phare and structural fund programmes which are implemented by PARP (Polish Agency for the Development of Entrepreneurship), aimed at developing companies and human resources in a modern economy).
  • Equity investment (Podlaski Equity Investment Fund, subsidiary of the Foundation, is the only venture capital fund in the voivodship, addressing its services solely to SME’s, providing access to growth equity).
  • Guarantees for business loans (Podlaskie Loan Guarantee Fund, subsidiary of the Foundation, is functioning region-wide, ranking among the top institutions of such kind).
  • Micro-loans (in the recent three years the Foundation has developed a unique offer of financing small and medium size enterprises, which is met with great interest among those starting-up, as well as among micro-entrepreneurs).
  • Information and co-operation services of European scope (Podlaskie Euro Info Centre is the only institution in the region executing the tasks determined by DG Enterprise in the Multiannual Programme for SME’s, which has been from the start highly appreciated by the European Commission).
  • Promotion of renewable sources of energy and energy saving (Podlaska Agency for Energy has been involved for over a year now in executing the tasks defined by DG Transport and Energy as part of the SAVE programme.

With regard to the statutory activities, since 2000 the Foundation has been accredited by the National System of Services for SMEs, and in 2001 it was awarded the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance Certificate. In December last year, the Foundation successfully passed the certification audit confirming the correct functioning of the Integrated System of Quality, Health and Safety and Environment Management.

The achievements of Podlaska Regional Development Foundation are confirmed by figures which reflect the scale of activities conducted and the extent of impact the institution has had on regional economy:

  • Over 10 M Eur in subsidies for over 500 SME’s, predominantly for investment purposes, and to a lesser extent, for the procurement of advisory services and development of markets;
  • Over 2.5 M Euro subsidies for gminas (counties) for the creation of public infrastructure needed for the development of business;
  • Over 750 guarantees for the total sum of 62.5 M PLN, allowing entrepreneurs to take loans for the amount of 117 M PLN;
  • Over 9 M PLN venture capital invested in regional businesses;
  • Over 80 loans for the sum of 1.7 M PLN given for business start-up and development;
  • Almost 15 thousand persons have taken advantage of the Foundation’s information programmes, predominantly those provided by Euro Info Centre, as well as Podlaska Agency for Energy;
  • Over 14.5 thousand unemployed, owners and employees of companies have participated in the training courses offered. A significant percentage of the above participants took part in training courses co-financed by EU pre-accession funds.
  • Over 14 thousand advisory services, either free of charge of partly free, provided to people either conducting or starting up business activities.

In 2004 the Foundation also began accepting applications submitted by entrepreneurs for investment subsidies and subsidies for advisory services, as well as applications of training institutions for programmes aimed at the development of company human resources, co-financed from structural funds. The extent to which potential beneficiaries voice their interest in the above leads us to believe that the funds available will be absorbed in full. However, due to the fact that the decentralised system of implementation forces applicants from Podlasie to compete against applicants from other regions, we have undertaken efforts to support them in broadening their knowledge and improving their skills. We shall continue to inform about all the possible forms of support via conferences, seminars, individual consultations, or the information services of our website.

After a decade of activities, Podlaska Regional Development Foundation is seen as one of the leading institutions of the non-governmental sector in the country.

Andrzej Parafiniuk
Chairman of the Board of Podlaska Regional Development Foundation

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