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Basic information on Podlaska Agency for Energy 2004/07/15

Podlaska Agency for Energy (PAE) was incorporated in June 2003. The Agency is affiliated with the Podlaska Regional Development Foundation. It has its own statute, Agency Council, and Technical Committee. The supervisory body over the organisation is the independent Agency Council, composed of representatives of Podlaskie Voivodship self-government authorities, Podlaska Regional Development Foundation, Podlaskie Euro Info Centre, as well as representatives of business organisations, power companies, and The Polish National Energy Conservation Agency.

December 2004 saw the launching of the organisation’s website at www.paze.pl, dedicated to renewable sources of energy and the saving of thermal energy.

Tasks carried out by Podlaska Agency for Energy

The Agency carries out its mission by means of:

  • providing support in promoting rational energy consumption and formulating energy plans;
  • promoting and developing relations of the European Grid, specialising in controlling energy and environmental protection;
  • conducting research and analysis for local professional communities;
  • propagating results of research and providing services addressed to the end-users, including SME’s and local authorities;
  • propagating environmental protection in the context of energy production and use;
  • providing consumers with information and assistance in the context of energy production and use;
  • establishing an information centre whose aim is to raise public awareness about the role of effective energy use;
  • providing information, organizing training and advisory services with regard to energy conservation;
  • promoting diversified sources of energy (renewable sources, waste management);
  • providing training for technical personnel and developing methods of energy audits;
  • promoting the European dimension of issues pertaining energy in electronic media;
  • propagating EU directives related to energy;
  • issuing opinions of draft plans of energy supply;
  • providing assistance to energy companies in the scope of power infrastructure development.


Podlaska Agencja Zarzadzania Energia | ul. Starobojarska 15 | 15-073 Bialystok | Poland
tel: +48 85 740 86 83, -732 37 71 | fax: +48 85 740 86 85
e-mail: paze@pfrr.bialystok.pl | www.paze.pfrr.bialystok.pl | www.paze.pl