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Trainings delivered by RCS

There is also a wide range of training, which are appropriate for companies and are suited to their individual needs. In practice it means that the training objective is defined as a prerequisite. Next, programme and realisation schedule of training are prepared in line with customer’s requirements.

Training programmes are offered at Regionalne Centrum Szkoleniowe’s high quality training facilities or at any place pointed out by the customer.

We offer following subjects of training for companies:

  • trade negotiations
  • sales techniques
  • presentation techniques
  • time management
  • sales territory management
  • professional customer service
  • co-operation with customer
  • telemarketing
  • project management
  • marketing of services
  • success team building
  • human resources management
  • personnel recruitment and selection
  • strategic management
  • personnel evaluation systems
  • public relations
  • quality systems ISO
  • creativity training
  • labour law
  • interpersonal communication
  • assertive training
  • anti-stress training
  • conflict resolution methods
  • computer programs operating

Some companies we have trained till now:
NR Company Line of business Subject
1. Sklepy Familijne S.A. in Warsaw Retail and wholesale trade Negotiations and interpersonal communication
2. Załady Przemysłu Pasmanteryjnego “Pasmanta” S.A. in Białystok textile Sale techniques with elements of negotiations
3. Okręgowe Przedsiębiorstwo Przemysłu Mięsnego in Białystok Meat industry Advanced sale techniques
4. Totalizator Sportowy S.A. in Białystok Public lottery Public relations – creating picture of company and manager
5. Kancelaria Prawnicza “Nowakowski i Partnerzy” in Białystok Law consulting and service Negotiations
6. Hurtownia DEF Sp. z o.o. in Białystok Wholesale of foodstuffs Sale techniques,
Professional customer service,
Economical analysis, Interpersonal communication
7. Gazeta Współczesna in Białystok publishers Advanced sale techniques
8. “Instal” Przedsiębiorstwo Instalacji Przemysłowych S.A. in Białystok installations and industrial constructions Management and marketing in practice of company
9. Zakłady Przemysłu Sklejek “Biaform” S.A. in Białystok Production and woodworking Human resources management, Negotiations, Interpersonal communication
10. Soraya S.A. in Warsaw Cosmetic industry Sale techniques
11. Goplana S.A. in Poznań Confectioner’s industry Sale techniques
12. Fabryka Dywanów Agnella S.A. in Białystok Textile – carpets production Sale techniques

Trainings offer
Trainings delivered by RCS
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