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Who we are... 2004/07/09

Regional Training Centre Ltd. is a training and advisory company, established in 1995, active in the market of north-eastern Poland. Together with Podlaska Regional Development Foundation we have carried out a novel inter-governmental project entitled The Polish - British Enterprise Project, which was aimed at constructing proper structures for business growth in the region, as well as at preparing qualified human resources who could support this process.

We are a young, dynamic, professional team, propagating new methods and solutions in HR management and professional education. We are fast and effective. We take advantage of the rich experience of our British partners. We offer our clients high quality advisory services and a wide range of training courses, tailor-made to their individual needs.

We organise many diverse training courses and sessions for individuals who want to improve their professional skills and develop their professional careers.

Forms and methods of didactics: • interactive lectures; • workshops; • case studies; • presentations; • simulations; • role playing; • interactive games; • video materials and technology

The Regional Training Centre has been active since 1995. It is presently seen as one of the best training and advisory institutions in Poland which constitute the National Chamber of Training Companies. In 2001 it was granted the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance Certificate in the area of training services and personal counselling. The Centre implements novel solutions in the area of life-long learning and develops training syllabi in direct response to the needs of the modern economy and labour market. We offer a model of systematic co-operation in the field of HR or personal advisory services in a chosen area: recruitment and selection of employees, examining training needs, periodic personnel evaluation, remuneration systems, analysis of the organisation’s culture, outplacement, full or partial services in the field of administration and HR.

Management Board 2004/07/09
Chairman of the Board Vice-Chairman of the Board
Andrzej Parafiniuk Rafał Chmielewski
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